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How to use Scotia iTRADE

How to open a Scotia iTRADE account

Opening an account is easy and takes about 15 minutes. Our helpful tips & checklist below could help make the process easier for you. 

How to add or transfer money to Scotia iTRADE

Transferring money to Scotia iTRADE® is simple. Explore three options to learn how to add money from a Scotiabank account or another financial institution. 

How to make a contribution 

Make your RRSP contribution online with this step by step guide.  The 2023 RRSP contribution limit is 18%, to a maximum of $30,780. 

How to place a trade on Scotia iTRADE

Are you considering placing a trade? You can buy or sell investments on Scotia iTRADE® by following these simple steps. Understand price types and order types here. 

Online self-serve features


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Scotia OnLine site navigation

Learning & support

How to place a stock trade

Accounts>Trade>Select account

How to place a trade on Scotia iTRADE

Move money & securities

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Scotia OnLine site navigation

Learning & support

Making a transfer/contribution

Accounts>Transfers>Select from account

How to transfer/contribute to your Scotia iTRADE Account(s)

Transfer an Account from another institution (including a Scotiabank branch)

Accounts> Transfers> Transfer an account from another institution


Making a Withdrawal or F/X (Currency Conversion)

  • Non-Registered Account: Accounts>Transfers>Select From Account
  • Registered Account (RSP & TFSA Only): Accounts>Transfers>Registered Withdrawals or Currency Conversion> Select From Account

Non-Registered Account: How to Transfer from your iTRADE account

Registered Account: How to withdraw from your iTRADE Account(s)

Move Securities between accounts (note: Applies to Non-Registered Accounts Only)

Accounts>Transfers>Transfer Securities>Select from Account

Alternative: Manage My Accounts> Additional Services> Scotia iTRADE> Service Request>Security Requests


Maintenance & servicing requests

Online activity

Scotia OnLine site navigation

Learning & support

How to enroll/open a U.S. Registered Account

Accounts>Manage My Accounts>Scotia ITRADE>Service Request>Enroll

FAQ’s Can I Trade U.S. Securities in Registered Accounts?

Access Online Documents (includes Statements, Tax, & Trade Confirms)

Accounts>Documents (e.g. Statements) or Accounts>Tax Documents

Alternative: Communications Centre> Documents or Communications Centre> Tax Documents


Enroll a security in a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)

Accounts>Manage My Accounts>Additional Services> Scotia iTRADE> Service Request> Security Requests>Manage DRIP/DPP Enrollment

FAQ’s How to enroll in a DRIP

Access to Forms & Applications

Accounts>Account Forms & Services

Alternative: Manage My Accounts> Additional Services> Scotia iTRADE> Forms Library

Forms Library

Manage Stock Alerts & Notifications

Accounts>Quotes & Research>Alerts

iTRADE ‘How To…’ Videos - Alerts

Account opening tips

If you're new to Scotiabank and Scotia iTRADE, this document has tips to help make the account opening process easier 

Ways to help your investments

Get self-started with our how-to videos

Boost your investing know-how and trade with confidence  - watch our educational videos* 

How to make a withdrawal

Learn how to make cash and in-kind RSP de-registrations or TFSA withdrawals.

How to make a RRSP contribution

Make your RRSP contribution online with this step by step guide.  The 2021 RRSP contribution limit is 18%, to a maximum of $27,830. 

Education is just a click away

Whether you're a first time investor or experienced trader, you can access free educational resources2 on a broad range of topics to help enhance your investment knowledge. 

Helpful articles and videos

How to place your first trade 

Discover quick and simple trading with Scotia OnLine.  

How to use Quotes & Research

Optimize your investment decisions by learning more about Quotes & Research, and our equities screener. 

Learn how sustainable investing tools work 

Discover Canada’s first sustainable investing tools for direct investors that helps you combine your financial investments with positive societal impact. 

Get quick access to trending resources

Frequently asked questions 

Get answers to common questions and concerns. 

Forms library

Simply download the forms you need from our library. 


Not sure about some of the trading terms and language? Refer to our glossary list for definitions of trading terms. 

Investment Account Management tools to help you gain a greater understanding of your account(s) and how well your stocks are performing

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