Non-personal accounts

Accounts that get down to business.

Types of accounts

A non-personal account lets you manage your business's financial needs by choosing from a wide variety of investment products and services. Choose from thousands of Canadian and U.S. stocks, bonds, GICs, options and more.

Sole proprietorship, corporate, partnership

These accounts are for business purposes.

They are set up and used by many types of businesses, ranging from very small to large.

Trust or estate accounts

This is an account in which the securities are registered in the name of the trust, or estate while the trustee(s), or executor controls the management of the investments.

Note: The trust or estate documents may restrict the types of securities that may be traded in a trust or estate account.

Investment club

This is an account set up by a group of people.

The purpose of the account is so that the group can pool their assets and make joint investment decisions.

Unincorporated organization (charity or foundation)

Specifically used for non-profit organizations.

These accounts are set up for non-profit organizations that are not incorporated and are not investment clubs.

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