Real-time data agreement

An industry-wide agreement for brokerages providing real-time data.

Complete the agreement

In order to continue access to real-time quotes you need to log on to your account (top right corner of this page). Go to "Manage my Accounts" (top of page), under the "Profile" tab click on "Brokerage Agreements".

At Scotia iTRADE we understand how important it is to access real-time information. In order for us to provide you with free real-time quotes, the Stock Exchanges require that our brokerage customers agree to their terms and conditions.

Consenting is easy. Simply click below and indicate your agreement to each section. We appreciate that these Exchange agreements are long, but it's a small price to pay for free real-time quotes!

If you choose not to comply with these terms and conditions, rest assured that you will still be able to trade. When reviewing an order, however, the real time quote information will not be displayed.

You can complete the agreements at any time. Once completed, your access to real time quotes will be immediately restored.