Powerful platforms

Track the market with precision and trade with ease.

Powerful trading platforms that let you manage your investments from your computer or mobile device.

Easy and powerful online trading

Integrated banking and online trading all on one screen. Trade online with just a few simple clicks and get access to research and tools to help you make smart investment decisions.

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Real-time data streaming and charting

Advanced, customizable and powerful tools for complete control of your online trading. Scotia iTRADE FlightDesk® is a premium online trading platform with powerful tools for equity and options1 trading so you benefit from complete control, flexibility and in-depth analysis when making your trades and investments. 

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Manage multiple stock and options orders

Don’t miss a moment with rapid-fire online trading. See all of your trades and investments on the same page and prepare up to 6 orders in advance so that you can make quick trades.

Access free educational tools and resources.