Commission-free ETFs1

Balance your portfolio by diversifying. Get $0 commission on an extensive selection of ETFs.2

Diversify with commission-free ETFs from Scotia iTRADE

Diversifying helps put your mind at ease by minimizing risk and maximizing returns on your investments. Scotia iTRADE now offers over 100 commission-free ETFs to help you achieve your diversification goals.

We offer a range of Canada and US listed ETFs across asset classes, geographies, and investment strategies.

As per the pie chart for Asset Class: Equity 74%, Fixed income 12%, Balanced 8%, Commodity 6%
As per the pie chart for Geographic region: Canada 24%, US 29%, Global 42%, Emerging markets 5%
As per the pie chart for Currency: CAD 72%, USD 28%

Download our list of commission-free ETFs:

Eligible ETFs must be held for a minimum of one business day from the date of purchase (no day trading) to qualify for $0 commission pricing. Regular equity commission will be charged on the sale of any eligible ETFs held for less than 1 business day.

Coming soon: Commission-free ETF Explorer

A tool designed to help you explore our diverse range of ETFs

ETF webinars

Check out our 3-part ETF webinar series to learn more about ETFs and how they could fit in your investment strategy. Register by clicking the links below.

  1. An Introduction to ETFs
  2. Understanding Features of ETFs
  3. Comparing ETFs to Mutual Funds and Stocks