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The ETF Spotlight Series:

Unleashing the potential of Exchange Traded Funds


Learn the basics of ETFs, get updated on ETF industry trends, and gain new insights on ETF trading strategies.

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We know that knowledge is key to becoming a more confident investor. 

Goal Planning Tool

Saving for your financial goals can be easier and faster with a plan that accounts for you and your needs.

Knowledge navigator

Knowledge Navigator can help you find the educational path to your direct investing financial goals.

5 steps to direct investing

Your journey into direct investing starts here with these 5 easy steps.

  1. Plan
  2. Explore
  3. Research
  4. Trade
  5. Monitor

How-To videos

Watch one at a time, stop and come back later, or binge-watch – just like self-directed investing, your learning journey is entirely in your hands.

Knowledge doesn't just happen. Make it happen.

Looking for a secure, short-term place to hold some cash? One option is a high interest savings account (HISA).

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