Understanding investment account management tools

Get access to a host of investment account management tools that can help you get a greater understanding of your account(s) and how well your stocks are performing.

Income details

Access income details if you want to know how much income you’re currently generating, and your forecast income in your Scotia iTRADE account(s). 

You’ll be able to view:

  • Account holdings
  • Dividends/interest paid for each security
  • Dividends/interest scheduled for each security in the coming year
  • Historical cash flows based on actuals
  • Projected cash flows based on payouts declared
  • Projected cash flows based on historical trends


Chart the performance of your Scotia iTRADE account(s), and benchmark against some well-known indices with the Performance Reporting tool. 

Benefits include:

  • Select from two easy views which will allow you to see total performance over several periods (e.g. months), or net performance for each period.
  • Easily compare the performance of one account against your other Scotia iTRADE accounts or benchmark against well-known indices.
  • Save your chart preferences and apply these to your other Scotia iTRADE accounts.
  • Download the performance report as a PDF.

See our Performance History Guide for more information on how you can maximize this tool.

Realized Gains/Losses

Get access to your realized gains and losses data at a top-line account summary level or at the transaction and/or security levels (based on a desired timeframe), so you can decide on the type of realized gains and losses information you want to review. You will only be able to review this information for securities which you have bought and subsequently sold (a settled trade).

Other benefits include:

  • Ability to check the profit or loss on settled trades
  • Can assist you in year-end tax reporting – You will no longer have to calculate your profits and losses manually over the year, as this information will be summarized in your realized gains and losses*
  • Realized gains and losses available and downloadable in CSV or PDF format

How to access the tools

Log on to Scotia OnLine® and select your Scotia iTRADE® trading account in the drop-down account(s) menu where your Account Details are displayed. From here you can select from a number of tabs (Income Details; Performance; and Realized Gain/Loss) for summarized information and details on these criteria.

Log on to Scotia OnLine and start making the most of Scotia iTRADE’s investment account management tools today!