How to place a trade on Scotia iTRADE®?

Here’s 5 easy steps to guide you through placing a trade.

  1. To trade Stocks, ETFs and Options simply click on the ‘Trade Now’ button on the bottom right of the Accounts and Quotes & Research pages, this will bring up the trade ticket / order form.
  2. Enter the symbol or search by company name.
  3. Once you select the symbol, a real-time quote is displayed.
  4. Fill out the order parameters on the screen – order type, quantity, price type, and term.  An access code is required once per session.  To learn more about price types, order types and access code, use the Help menu on the top of the page.
  5. Click ‘Preview’ to confirm your order details and then click ‘Submit’ to complete your order.  To view the status of your order, click the View Order tab on the top of the trading module.

Scotia iTRADE offers tools, resources, trading and investing education all in one platform. Visit the Account Details tab to monitor your portfolio and track your performance.

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