How to open a Scotia iTRADE® account?

Opening an account is easy and takes about 15 minutes. Our helpful tips below could help make the process easier for you.

To open an account, all account applicants will need:

  1. To be a Canadian citizen and above the age of majority
  2. Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and your spouse’s SIN (if you wish to open a spousal account)
  3. A minimum of $100 available to deposit
  4. A Government issued ID
  5. To have an existing bank account from a Canadian Financial Institution and your account information
  6. Copy of Statement for any accounts you wish to transfer to Scotia iTRADE

Please Note: For non-personal or legal entity accounts, please call 1-888-769-3723 or visit a Scotiabank branch for assistance.

Helpful tips for you:

  • Please note: uploading expired identification or identification that is illegible, or does not contain all the relevant information, including signature, will result in account opening delays
  • Ensure you include a residential and mailing address
  • Please include a void cheque if your bank account is not with Scotiabank
  • Input all fixed assets on “Client Info” page
  • Don’t forget to e-sign and upload a valid copy of your photo government ID
  • Alternatively, you can print your application, sign and mail to Scotia iTRADE. Please don’t forget to include a valid copy of your photo government ID along with your signed documents

Learn more at or call 1-888-769-3723.