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How to place your first trade

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Discover quick and simple trading with Scotia OnLine.

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3 ways to transfer funds:

1. From another financial institution bank account: Use our simple Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form.  
2. From another financial institution investment account: Make a Transfer Authorization Request.  
3. From your Scotiabank® accounts using the transfers tab in Scotia OnLine®.

How to make a contribution

The 2018 RRSP contribution deadline is March 1, 2019, so make your contribution online with this step by step guide. The 2018 RRSP contribution limit is 18%, to a maximum of $26,230.

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How to make a withdrawal

Learn how to make cash and in-kind RSP de-registrations or TFSA withdrawals.

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Tips to get started:

Account opening tips

If you're new to Scotiabank and Scotia iTRADE, this document has tips to help make the account opening process easier.


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Investment Account Management Tools

Access a host of tools that can help you gain a greater understanding of your account(s) and how well your stocks are performing.

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Education is just a click away

Whether you're a first time investor or experienced trader, you can access free education2 on a broad range of topics to help enhance your skills.

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Helpful tools and resources:

How to use Quotes & Research1

Length 1:43

Optimize your investment decisions by learning more about Quotes & Research, and our equities screener.

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Learn how to maximize alerts

Set up watchlists and market alerts on your account to help you track the market.

Learn how sustainable investing tools work

Length 2:20

Discover Canada’s first sustainable investing tools for direct investors that helps you combine your financial investments with positive societal impact.

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How to use our powerful platforms:



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