Trade Pro

Customizable web-based platform for your advanced trading needs

We’re continuing to enhance Trade Pro with your feedback

Trade Pro will include regular enhancements so that it meets your needs today and into the future.

What’s New?

  • Ability to skip ‘Order Preview’ making it faster to trade
  • Additional trading preferences to skip ‘Confirmation’ steps making it faster to trade

What’s Next?

  • See all accounts together in Positions Module

Already available:

  • Default trading preferences: Traders can now set default account, currency, quantity, order type & duration for Equity & Option orders making it faster to trade 
  • Symbol search from positions: find symbols within your positions 
  • More market data column options: available in Orders and Positions Modules
  • Trade in weekly Index Options
  • Real-time streaming technical charts for all intervals less than 1 day time frame
  • Header sorting for Positions Module: sort positions based on any criteria of choice
  • Header sorting for Orders Module: sort orders based on any criteria of choice
  • Manage columns in Positions Module for effective space management and customization
  • Manage columns and view streaming last traded price in Orders Module
  • Export Positions to CSV: symbols can easily be imported into Watchlist or Portfolio Modules
  • Import CSV to Portfolio Module: eliminates need to manually add symbols in Portfolio module