Investment types

Compare your investment options.

Scotia iTRADE® clients can compare and choose from a wide range of investment options.

Use this helpful investment table to compare the different investment choices available to you. From equities/stocks, bonds, ETFs, or mutual funds, the choices available to you are vast. This comparison can help you determine what your best investment option is based on your needs, time horizon to invest, and risk tolerance. 

Various investment options comparison 

Investment Type Investment class Diversification Management fees Trading commission Intraday pricing movement Minimum investment Taxation Maturity/
Stocks Equity No No Yes Yes No Capital gains; Dividends No Higher
ETFs Equity/debt Yes Yes Yes Yes No Capital gains; Dividends; Distributions No Medium
Mutual funds Equity/debt Yes Yes No No Yes Capital gains; Distribution No Medium
Options1 Equity No No Yes Yes No Capital gains Yes Highest
Bonds and debentures Debt No No Yes Yes Yes Capital gains; Interest Yes Lower
New issues2 Equity/debt No No No No Yes Capital gains; Interest; Dividends Yes2 Higher
GICs Debt No No No No Yes Interest Yes Lowest

Investment descriptions