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As a knowledgeable investor, you demand exceptional service and support from your brokerage. That's why we work hard to provide you with an extensive range of educational resources.


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Top educational resources for new investors:

Real-time streaming

Watch this short video to understand how you can seize market opportunities with real-time data streaming using FlightDesk®.

Watch video, Real-time streaming
Technical analysis

Learn how to find trading ideas using technical analysis in your investment practices.

Watch webinar, Technical analysis

Explore where screeners/filters are located within ScotiaOnline and how they may be used to find potential investment opportunities.

Watch video, Screeners

Find out how to create and use Watchlists to track equities.

Watch video, Watchlist
Portfolio rebalancing

Learn how portfolio rebalancing can help you maximize returns while reducing risk.

Read article, Portfolio rebalancing
Developing an exit strategy

Know what your limits are and when you’re ready to get out of the market, then stick to the plan.

Read article, Developing an exit strategy