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Welcome to Scotia iTRADE® U. We know that knowledge is key to becoming a more confident investor. That’s why we made it easy to access a vast range of free educational tools and resources. Invest in your success by exploring Scotia iTRADE U today. Knowledge doesn't just happen. Make it happen.


Our NEW Knowledge Navigator can help you find the educational path to your direct investing financial goals.

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Your journey into direct investing starts here with these 5 easy steps:

Find articles, tools, resources and more to help you build your own investment strategy tailored for you.

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1 - Plan

Discover the benefits of investing and create a personal investment plan

2 - Explore

Explore the different account types and investment types to find the ones that align with your investment objectives and risk tolerance

3 - Research

Learn why research, tools, and analysis are all fundamental to your investment approach

4 - Trade

What you need to know about placing trades

5 - Monitor

Learn how to manage your investment portfolio and the benefits of rebalancing