In Retirement

Retirement means that you’ve planned well and set aside enough money to stop worrying about work and start enjoying your life, without relying on a regular pay cheque. You should be proud of yourself.

The advantages of retirement with Scotia iTRADE®

  • Set-up and make future dated transactions

  • Guaranteed security

  • In-depth market research

  • Easy fund transfers

Build your know-how

Boost your knowledge and investing performance with resources that will add reassurance and confidence to your strategies.

Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) Quick Facts

Get familiar with some RRIF basics and see how they can help.

Customized experiences

Find out how your investing experience can be more personalized so you can get quicker access to the information you need here.

Developing an exit strategy

Explore your personal limits and find the best strategy and moment for you to exit the market here.

Thinking of making the switch?

We know how busy life can get, which is why we offer outstanding services and support to help you as you create your investment strategy. Switching accounts is no exception.

Tools & resources for your retirement

Trade quickly and easily

Find out how you can easily trade and invest using tools, resources, trading, and investing educational pieces.

Stay on top of your portfolio

Check out a library of videos on various helpful topics, such as; watchlists, quotes and markets.

Retirees: Reduce Tax with Income Layering

by Evelyn Jacks, President and Founder, Knowledge Bureau

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