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Our education videos from Scotia iTRADE® U are all about helping you become a more confident investor.

Watch one at a time, stop and come back later, or binge-watch – just like self-directed investing, your learning journey is entirely in your hands. 

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Tools and news to help you access information on Canadian and international markets.

Length 3:12

Watch Video, Markets

Narrow down your investment choices, based on key factors.

Length 3:50

Watch Video, Screeners

Read stock quotes and understand terminology to prepare for trading. 

Length 3:02

Watch Video, Quotes

Research stocks and create custom charts to better understand past performance.

Length 3:07

Watch Video, Charts

Stay informed about performance of individual stocks or watchlists through notifications.

Length 2:56

Watch Video, Alerts

Track, monitor and evaluate targeted investments by organizing, into a watchlist.

Length 3:47

Watch Video, Watchlists