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We have implemented a new learning tool at Scotia OnLine® within our Quotes and Research tab which will empower you to be more productive and efficient on the Scotia iTRADE®  platform. You will now experience prompts, such as highlights and pop-up instructions which will act as visual aids within the tab to guide you through items/features on the page. This will allow you to:

  • Become more informed and learn more about the Quotes and Research content that  Scotia iTRADE has to offer  
  • Gain access to the latest educational offerings such as articles and webinars
  • Register for live webinars

This new platform enhancement includes a help centre designed to provide a simple, at-hand reference guide, which includes key page topics, to help you navigate through the different functionalities.

Sign in to your account today and check out the Quotes and Research tab to see how you can make the most of our platform and become a more informed and confident investor. 

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The new iTrade Education Centre