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Scotia iTRADE clients gain access to IPOs and new issues in a vast array of industry sectors. You’ll find everything from preferred shares and common shares to trust units and limited partnership units, plus convertible debentures and more.

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What are IPOs & New Issues?

When going public for the first time, companies offer an issuance of securities for sale to the public; this is known as an initial public offering (IPO). Alternatively, companies that have already gone public may offer an additional issuance of their securities; this is known as a secondary offering or a New Issue. Typically, companies use IPOs & New Issues to raise capital for future business opportunities, pay down debt or to finance corporate activity.

Benefits of participating in IPOs & New Issues

Like many investment choices, IPOs & New Issues provide diversification, the potential to provide a high return and their purchases are commission-free.

Scotia iTRADE does not endorse any particular investment by making it available to our clients; as with any investment you make through Scotia iTRADE, you must determine whether a new or secondary issue of equity or debt is consistent with your investment objective(s) and risk tolerance. Please review the offerings prospectus and/or term sheet carefully before placing your indication of interest.

How many IPOs & New Issues does Scotia iTRADE participate in annually?

Scotia iTRADE participates in hundreds of IPOs & New Issues annually. Our sector coverage is vast and includes technology, agriculture, commodities and healthcare to name a few. We offer a wide range of preferred shares, common shares, trust units, limited partnership units, convertible debentures and more.

1. Does Scotia iTRADE offer U.S. IPOs & New Issues?

The simple answer is no.  U.S. underwriters typically do not file the documentation required to market an issue in Canada.  Unless the prospectus is filed in Canada, no Canadian brokerage will have access to the IPO or New Issue.


2. What commission is charged when purchasing or selling IPOs & New Issues?

We charge $0 commission on all purchases.  However, standard commission is charged on all sells.


3. What is an Indication of Interest?

An indication of interest (IOI) signifies your firm order to purchase a specific number of shares in an IPO or New Issue.  By placing your indication of interest, you agree to purchase the specified number of shares, subject to any applicable securities regulations.


4. How do I place an Indication of Interest?

To place your indication of interest, simply log in to your account and visit the Current New Issues page located in the 'IPOs & New Issues Centre' tab, review the offer details and place your order. Alternatively, go straight to the 'New Issues Order Entry'page in your account by following these tabs: Trade > New Issues > New Issues Order Entry.

Be sure to review the prospectus and or term sheet before placing your order, as these documents contain important information about the issuing company and the offer.  IPOs & New issues are sometimes considered speculative investments and as such, may not be appropriate for every investor.


5. Will I get filled on my full Indication of Interest?

Indications of interest for IPOs & New Issues are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Because the demand for securities may exceed the supply available to distribute, placing an indication of interest does not guarantee an allocation of securities. When you place an indication of interest, you must be willing to accept a full fill, partial fill or no fill on your order. However, our goal is to fill your entire indication of interest.

Once the allocation is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your order details. To participate in the allocation process, you must have sufficient buying power in your account when you place your order.


6. Can I amend, reduce or cancel my Indication of Interest?

Yes, you have up to two (2) business days once your indication of interest has been placed, subject to any applicable securities regulations, to reduce your order by any amount; email instructions will not be accepted.

To amend, reduce or cancel your order, contact Scotia iTRADE at 1-888-872-3388 option 4, Monday-Friday between 8.00am-4.00pm.


7. Who do I contact for help?

For help regarding IPOs & New Issues, contact Scotia iTRADE at 1-888-872-3388 option 4.


8. What is a Bought Deal?

In securities underwriting, this is a firm commitment by an underwriter or underwriting group to purchase an entire issue outright from the issuing company.  Then, all members of the underwriting group resell the issue to individual and institutional investors at a pre-set price.


9. What is a Marketed Deal?

In this type of underwriting, there is no commitment made by an underwriter or underwriting group to purchase the issue outright from the issuing company. The issue is typically marketed over a period of several days or weeks to potential investors on a best efforts basis by the underwriters.


10. What are New Issue email alerts?

New issue email alerts provide notification when IPOs & New Issues are available at Scotia iTRADE.  It is important to keep your brokerage email address up to date, so that we can send you important information and updates about New Issues, and the indication of interest that you place.

To change your brokerage email address, log in to your account and amend in your Personal Profile.


11. How do I sign up to receive New Issue email alerts?

To sign up for Scotia iTRADE IPO & New Issue email alerts, simply visit your Brokerage Email Alerts. 
You can do this by logging in to your account and then clicking on the following tabs:
Manage my Accounts > Alerts > Brokerage Email Alerts.